FAQs about abortion

Is abortion legal? Abortion does it hurt? When you can return to normal life? All your doubts about abortion can consult our FAQ section. If you have more questions, remember that you can contact our office 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

1. If I take the abortion hurt?

It depends on the anesthesia you choose, if local anesthesia the pain is like a strong rule, if sedation will not feel any pain during the procedure. Sedation is recommended for people who are very nervous and concerned about the pain. This certainly can talk with your doctor before surgery.

2. How much do I pay for the abortion? ¿Free Abortion?

In our clinic in Barcelona you have two options:

A) Public Opinion: Since 2012 the Clínica Ginecológica Sants is a concerted effort to CATSALUT center, that can offer this service for free and not have to pay anything, you just need to come to the center with your ID and complete the formalities which calls (is a process certain times where you will have to go through your PDA or ASSIR, wait a few days of reflection, choose method and clinical …)

2) Private Option: This option is more expensive but is the most people prefer, although the service is the same, the times and procedures are reduced and all the assistance service can be delivered the same day at the clinic (surgery performed with within weeks of gestation ensure better recovery and avoid complications in the future). Clínica Ginecológica Sants can ensure affordable prices for the abortion to be a concerted effort by the CATSALUT maintaining legal security and medical security required by the Generalitat de Catalunya center.

3. How long does the intervention in an abortion clinic?

The time from entering the clinic until leaving the same with the medical discharge depends on the duration of pregnancy, if 0-12 weeks is 2 hours, and in the case of another week is usually 3-4 hours (since each body recovers differently regarding sedation).

4. Does anyone know that I aborted?

Personal data (name, surname, ID number, address, telephone, quotes, operations …) to another never showed. As a guarantee of reliability and safety private center complies with Organic Law 15/1999 of 13 December Protection of Personal Data, we are also accredited and registered with the Data Protection Agency from 22 October 2010.

5. Can I get pregnant again after an abortion?

You can become pregnant again normally after the following rule to the intervention.

6. Is abortion legal? How many weeks can I abort?

In Spain the Organic Law 2/2010 of March 3 indicates that abortion has a maximum of 22 weeks, provided that they comply with legal requirements. We leave a link of interest in the web of the Government of Spain where you can see the law:


7. Where I can abort?

You can go to your ASSIR or CAP closer or a private clinic that is accredited for this service and comply with the necessary guarantees, indicate that most clinics will give service up to 14 weeks, but only a few can offer up to 22 weeks since the requirements are higher. In the Gynecological Clinic Sants we fulfill the necessary permissions and you can check the data directly to the Department of Health of the Generalitat de Catalunya at the following website:

https://salut.gencat.net/pls/rcs/RCSPK002.inici2 , usando el código oficial: E08804241.

8. When will my period return after the abortion?

Naturally 3-4 weeks after abortion.

9. I have aches and severe pain after abortion. What do I do?

At the clinic we have a phone number 24 hours 365 days a year. You can call and ask any questions, if necessary will be given an appointment with your doctor as soon as possible.

10. Can I have sex after the abortion?

Sexual activity return to normal without problem. However, it is recommended to avoid sexual intercourse during the first 15 days to prevent infection. During control at 15 days after performing the abortion, the clinic doctor will tell you if the recovery is successful and have no complications.

11. Does the follow-up visit after 15 days of intervention is necessary?

It is recommended to do this review where she underwent an ultrasound to ensure that the abortion was successful and has no problem, you can also take advantage of this visit to ask any questions you have. Any visit within 15 days after the abortion at our center without cost to the patient.

12. Can I work after an abortion?

Normally women leaving the center can work the same day even though this depends on each woman and considering that everyone is different we recommend you ask the staff of the center, once you have confirmed weeks gestation.

13. How important is the week of pregnancy for abortion?

According to the weeks of gestation, the fetus will have a greater development and size, so it is recommended surgery as soon as possible, as each week of gestation increases the patient’s recovery, medication, time spent at the center, risk of complications , increased service prices…

Currently 90% of cases are below 12 weeks of gestation. The following website of the Ministry of Health of Spain you can find statistics of abortion:


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