Abortion – Voluntary Interruption of Pregnancy

Clínica especializada en interrupción voluntaria del embarazo (aborto legal) en Barcelona

Pharmaceutical Abortion

Up to 7 weeks

Surgical Abortion

Sedation (no pain)

Surgical Abortion

Local Anesthesia
Time of stay in the clinic: 02-04H
Call 24 hours
Legal clinica and accredited
to perform abortion legal
until 22 weeks

The listed price is up to 12 weeks, for more weeks of pregnancy contact with Medical Clinic Sants.

1. What is legal abortion?

It’s the end of pregnancy. According to WHO abortion is the termination of a pregnancy that does not exceed 22 weeks of gestation.

In Gynaecology Clinic Sants we understand that abortion is a failure to the desire to control and / or properly take motherhood. And is the last step to take where no woman wants to go, if she doesn’t need to.

For us as for anyone is very difficult or almost impossible to comment on this issue. The only thing is that we firmly believe that in a situation of unwanted pregnancy, “the woman decides”.

2. Methods of Abortions in Gynaecology Clinic Sants

1) Surgical method

A) Method aspiration or Karman method

It is the preferred method for performing abortions during the first trimester, that is, in all pregnancies not exceeding 12 weeks.
It is a fast and secure method. It allows women to join almost immediately to normal activity so.

The OB / to perform a pelvic exam to check the position of the uterus, then insert a speculum into the vagina to visualize the cervix, prior preparation of the area enter the cervical canal into the uterine cavity to suck their content using flexible cannulas and harmless, selected by the expert according to the time of gestation.

It can be done with local anesthesia or sedation EV according to the choice of the patient and the physician’s discretion.

B) Method for dilation and evacuation (D&E) or method Finks (> 12 weeks to 22 weeks of gestation)

It is the method of choice for abortion from 12 weeks to 22 weeks gestation.

It is based on the four basic principles of surgery: working sterile, easy access to the surgical field, proper equipment and lack of blood.

– No Blood: is achieved by not using drugs (vasodilators anesthetics) such as Halothane or Fluothane. utero tonic drugs (Methergin or syntocinon) are used.

– To access: it expands with tapered dilators (Model Ambler-Hawkins) to 18mm depending on gestational age.

– To fragmentation and evacuation: It has a special, strong and slender forceps with which maneuver is achieved easily with an expansion of 14 mm in pregnancies up to 18 weeks. And another special forceps maneuver dilation 18mm pregnancies of more than 18 weeks have 22 weeks.


1. At the discretion of the physician and the patient profile may require a pre-dilation of the cervix with the administration of anti-ulcer drugs preparation.

2. anesthesia in all cases it is preferable Sedation E.V. and no you will not have pain during the procedure.

Price: from 300 euros weeks gestation to check our prices and contact Medical Clinic Sants.

3. Description of process of ABORTION in Gynaecology Clinic Sants

A. Before the intervention:

1) You have to bring an identification document (D.N.I. , N.I.E., Passport).

2) If the patient is under 18 years old, she has to come with her father or mother, bring her ID, her father/mother ID and a document that confirms that they are family, like the family register book.

3) The patient will have a visit with an ultrasoun with the doctor, who will give her all the information about the methods and will help her to choose one of them. If all requirments are accomplished, the intervention can be done the same day.

4) That day, the patient will stay in the clinic between 2 and 4 hours, depending on the weeks of pregnancy.

5) To be able to do the abortion, all legal and medical requirements mus be accomplished.

B. The intervention:

1) PAINLESS: it will be made with intravenous sedation, practiced by an expert anaesthetist.

2) Methods:

I. Up to 12 weeks of gestation, the method used is aspiration called Karman method.

II. Gestations over 12 weeks, the method is Dilation and Evacuation (D&E) up to 22 weeks of gestation.

C. After the intervention:

1) You will access the recovery room, the nurse will explain the precautions to be taken in the next 15 days. We deliver written informational material.

2) After one hour or two hours after confirming that you are in a good condition you can go home.

D. Control

1) We recommend you to pass a medical check with your doctor at 15 days after surgery. Until then: do not use tampons, only pads. No make dips in pool, bathtub or bidé. Have no sexual relations because of added risk of infection, no sports for two to three days.

2) It is considered normal:

I. Having blood loss, which can be null, low or similar to menstrual. A period have to appear after 30-60 days.

II. Having pain less or equal similar to menstrual

3) Is not considered normal:

I. Having blood loss more abundant than normally during menstruation.

II. Fever (> de 38º)

III. Having pain more intensively then menstrual.

IV. Delay of menstruation for more than 60 days.

V. For any emergency or if you have any doubt, call us the clinic 24 hours a day on the phone 93 339 01 36 o E-mail: info@cgsants.es

4. How long do an abortion process takes?

Depending on the time of gestation and the method chosen aspiration method (method of Karman) and D & E method (method Finks).

1) Method aspiration (Karman method): The day of your appointment for the abortion time that elapses from the entrance to the clinic to discharge will be approximately 1-3 hours.

They are considered; Preparation time medical documentation, abortion (the approximate duration of the intervention is 5 to 10 minutes) and the time post-intervention, recovery and discharge from the patient. All the same day.

2) Method for D&E (method Finks): The day of your appointment for the abortion time that elapses from the entrance to the clinic to discharge will be approximately 2-4 hours.

They are considered; Preparation time medical documentation, abortion (the approximate duration of surgery is 10 to 15 minutes) and the time post-intervention, recovery and discharge from the patient. All the same day.

5. Is it painful treatment?

In the surgical abortion: Medical Clinic Sants is that during the procedure under local anesthesia, the patient feels little hassle as possible, but it depends on its sensitivity. Usually the end of treatment patients see it as little painful, most of them very well tolerated.

In procedures with sedation E.V. abortion is painless. We emphasize that we have a rapid return to daily routine.

6. May an abortion have side effects?

Ones the procedure is completed by one of those methods, side effects are almost nil, in the few cases it can be: occasional pains similar to menstrual, continued and alternate which is controlled by doctor.

Like any surgical procedure there is minimal risk of the patient developing an infection, so antibiotics and anti-inflammatory prescribe the following days.

7. Immediate post-abortion contraceptive (IUD and hormonal contraceptives)?

Gynaecology Clinic Sants based on the philosophy of preventing of unplanned pregnancy informs the patient about a contraceptive method immediately after completion of the abortion.

Immediate post-abortion contraseption:

1. Placement of IUD (Intrauterine Device): if the patient is meets the profile to be a carrier of an IUD once finalised the abortion it is the best time to place. (With an additional cost of 100 Euros).

2. Hormonal Contraceptives: We prescribe oral contraceptives immediately after abortion in principle to regulate the next period and you can continue with these if the patient has good tolerance.

8. Price

Gynaecology Clinic Sants has economic prices from 300 euros for legal abortion up to 22 weeks of gestation, check others in the sections of PRICES of our website.

9. Second medical opinion on abortion

The correct choice of method depending on the person and weeks of gestation is a very important process to avoid complications in the future. In addition you have to choose professionals with experience in this field. The clinic will offer a personal tour with a knowledgeable medical professional with years of experience in this field to help you resolve any issues and make a personalized decision. In the case of continuing the process of abortion us the price of this service will be free.

10. Psychological Support after treatment (free service)

In order to improve our assistance, we offer psychological support after the voluntary interruption of pregnancy (with both methods). With this service, women receive emotional support and help to minimize the loss feeling. They will also receive information about the usual psychological symtoms that might appear after the treatment and the proper way of handling them. First session is free of charge. If you would like to continue the treatment, you can ask for the prices contacting us.


If necessary, this service might be offered before the intervention, too.

Service offered by:
Clinical Psycologist – NºCOL 8234

We also provide this link with information about the process that might be helpful: www.womenonweb.org

11. More Frequent Asked Questions

Do you have more questions about abortion? See our FAQ section and/or contact the gynecological clinic 24 hours a day 365 days a year.